Perfecting the Art of Therapeutic Intervention The Therapy Crew is a group of Speech-Language Pathologists dedicated to making the difference in the lives of children. Take this journey with us to explore your child's needs and lets figure out the best strategies to achieve the goals for your child!
Evaluate Let our Speech-Language Pathologists assess your child's speech and language skills.  Awareness so you can start to understand what your child is going through and find additional resources here. Teamwork We work closely with a multidisciplinary team at Parkaire Consultants to meet our clients needs. Achievement Awesome results through therapeutic interventions and strategies so that your child can grow.

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Our Mission


To make a significant change in the speech-language patterns of children by enhancing those skills through the art of therapeutic interventions.  We are convinced that the most important thing about our company is the children, and that is why we are here. We want to better your child's life by seeking out the challenges they are having and changing their neurological patterns relating to speech and language deficits.



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